Buy Local, Eat Fresh

Garden LettuceIs grocery store food bad?

The action of going to your local grocery store and browsing the isles is nothing new to any of us. It is something that the large majority of the population does on a regular basis. Strolling through the isles looking at the packaging info, or just wondering what the ingredients are in that loaf of bread. It’s not like anyone really knows what all those foreign words in the lists of ingredients on the back of the package actually mean anyway, right? Just walking through the isles of fruits and vegetables alone, questions can arise about how long they spent on the truck, what they are coated with to keep the bugs out, or if they were treated with pesticides all to try and deliver you something that looks fresh.

The question is though; Is it really fresh or do they do certain things to make it look that way?

The benefits of the farm

With the abundance of fresh food that is offered locally through farmers markets, u-pick farms, road side stands from local farmers, as well the pre-picked farms, there really is little reason to go to the supermarkets any more for fresh food(when it is in season). No more cross country trips for your food. Not only can you stop and ask all those questions you have to the people who actually grow the food you are going to consume, but you have the chance to get to know the people who devote their time to raising that food.

What better way to know what you and your family are eating is there? Have first hand knowledge that what you are picking and/or buying is grown the way you would do it yourself if given the land and the time.

These farmers work hard to make sure their family and yours are able to get the farm fresh food that everyone needs and wants. They do need your help though, without customers like you, they wouldn’t be able to exist and produce all that wonderful fresh local food that we all love so much. With the support of people around them, they have more motivation and drive to grow the best, freshest food that you have ever tasted.

We hope that FindFresh is a good source for you to find the fresh local food you are looking for. Don’t forget to help yourself and your local community. Buy local & Eat Fresh, straight from the garden!


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